I was born in South Korea, on March 14, 1972. How old does this make me? YOU do the math. I share the same birthday as Albert Einstein, though we share nothing else. Math and physics are not my strong points, but creating kid's books IS!

My life as an author/illustrator is quite simple. I work at home in my studio. Well,... it's really just a spare bedroom. If you have one of these, you can probably do this too! It's got a little drafting table, computer, armoire full of supplies and a flat files cabinet for artwork and paper. I don't need much, not even space, to make my books but an abundance of creativity. This, you need a lot of.

I make my home in San Marcos, Ca., with my husband, Chris (a painter and art teacher), and our two little boys, Max and Mason.

For more info on Salina Yoon, please click here. Kids,... this is boring.